Why do elements emit color when heated?

Answer Color is composed of light particles called photons. Molecular motion or radiation (heat) is converted into electron energy. This extra energy momentarily bumps an electron to a higher orbital. Whe... Read More »

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When metal is heated what is the color chart?

Metals heated to a high temperature begin to glow with characteristic colors that can be represented on a color chart or table. For instance, steel begins to glow at 750 degrees Fahrenheit, becomes... Read More »

Do all light bulbs emit the same color of spectra of light?

No. Light bulbs of different technologies and types will emit light of different colors. Although the human eye will perceive any of them, to be white, they typically have different shades within... Read More »

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Eye Color Manipulation in Photoshop Elements Tutorial?

When compared to the rest of the face, the colored parts of your eyes don't take up that much real estate. When you alter the eye color in your eyes, though, that small change can result in big eff... Read More »