Why do electronics attract dust?

Answer two reasons.the magnetic field in the screen attracts the dust particles.and also the exaust fan acts as a filter so all the dust piles up on front of it. kinda like your air conditioner in your ho... Read More »

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How do I clean a ceiling fan to not attract dust?

Turn off your ceiling fan. Stop the flow of electricity to the fan---unplug it from a wall socket or flip the circuit switch for the room located in a circuit breaker box somewhere in your building... Read More »

When u dust room, aren't u just moving dust about?

Sounds like your excuse for not dusting ?

How to Attract a Rat?

Rats are large rodents that live in urban, rural and suburban areas. They are drawn to human dwellings, where they contaminate food, gnaw at wood and wiring and carry parasites that spread disease.... Read More »

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