Why do egg whites turn white when they are cooked?

Answer Crack open an egg and you see two parts: the yolk and the "white"--but the white isn't white at all. It's a mostly clear soup of organic compounds. When you cook it, it changes on a molecular level... Read More »

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How many calories are in cooked egg whites?

The clear, liquid part of one whole, large egg--known as the egg white--contains approximately 17 calories. If the egg is cooked in a pat of butter, that adds an additional 30 to 40 calories.Source... Read More »

Why is it that they wont serve me in the pub when I am drunk, but they never turn away fat people in Mcdonalds?

It is illegal to be drunk in a public place.

Do males with dual nationality need to do obligatory military service on US if they are not living on US when they turn 18?

Only retired, reserve or national guard soldiers have ID cards.SSG C. HernandezUS Army If you are not in the reserves, active, national guard or retired, you can not obtain an ID card.

What do you do to get rid of white calcium looking flakes that settle to the bottom of your pool and when stirred up turn your water a milky white?

Answer Sounds like white water mold to me. Hum, take a sample of the "flakes" and water if possible to local pool store for analyzing. k If you have a Salt Water Chlorinating system and hard wate... Read More »