Why do drunks crave salt?

Answer dehydration

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Why am i craving salt then suddenky crave something sweet?

You might have a mineral deficiency and that's why you crave salty food. The sweets craving doesn't seem all that odd, try and see a nutritionist to find out if your daily diet is providing you wit... Read More »

How to Handle Drunks?

You might encounter a drunk anywhere. At a party, in a bar, or on the streets. This is a simple article on how to handle drunks when they are encountered.

Do drunks tell the truth?

If a liar is drunk, they will lie.If someone who normally tells the truth is drunk, they will still normally tell the truth.Alcohol, however, makes one lose sense and control of their normal facult... Read More »

Why aren't breathalysers built into cars to stop drunks from driving?

What, only a tiny minority "drink drive?" What the hell is drink drive? 11,773 died because of drunk drivers in 2008 and the numbers are steadily climbing. There are a TON of more people than that ... Read More »