Why do drunkards always need friends to drink with?

Answer To have fun. But it is not hard and fast rule for drunkards. They also drink alone.

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Why do the same friends always show up in my friends box every time?

same thing happens to me! it's always the same people, no matter how many times i refresh or when I log off and then log back on. i've read theories that it may be people who look at your page the ... Read More »

Why do chix always gotta order the most expensive drink What's wrong with Old Style?

See, but after three, you can start ordering the cheap sh*t, because she'll think she's buzzed which is why there's the differentiating tastes. Then, you convince her to do shots, and then...bleaug... Read More »

What is your favorite beverage to drink while out with friends?

When having a drink with friends, what's your favourite toast?

Even though I'm a heathen, I like the old Irish one."May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead".