Do dogs get dark circles under their eyes?

Answer On One Hand: Dark Circles MythOur canine friends don't necessarily get dark circles under their eyes. They do, however, get bags under their eyes. These bags can occur as dogs age. Not only are ... Read More »

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How to Walk Two Dogs?

Have you ever felt guilty when you have two dogs that need to be walked, but you just can't handle them both at the same time? Maybe you don't have time to take them both on separate walks. Here's ... Read More »

How to Walk Two Dogs with One Leash?

These chains are inexpensive and come in many sizes and lengthsTwo leashes too many! How to walk two (or more!) dogs with only one leash in hand.

How to Walk Two Dogs at the Same Time on Leashes?

Walking two dogs at the same time takes skill, agility and good attention skills as the dogs take off in their own directions. Some strength is also warranted as both dogs exercise their willpower ... Read More »

How Do I Walk Two Big Dogs Together Without One Pulling & the Other Stopping?

If you have two dogs, walking them at the same time can be an enjoyable experience, until one dog starts pulling hard on the leash and the other stops walking altogether. Dogs are naturally excited... Read More »