Why do dogs scratch the floor before lying down?

Answer It may seem strange to a human, but it is quite natural for a dog to scratch at the floor or bed before lying down. Your dog isn't trying to be destructive; rather she is just exhibiting innate can... Read More »

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Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground Before Lying Down?

Scratching at the ground or floor is an instinctual behavior for a dog going back to its roots as a wild animal. As a largely instinctual action, your dog may not even be aware of why it is scrat... Read More »

Do dogs get dark circles under their eyes?

On One Hand: Dark Circles MythOur canine friends don't necessarily get dark circles under their eyes. They do, however, get bags under their eyes. These bags can occur as dogs age. Not only are ... Read More »

How to Walk Two Dogs?

Have you ever felt guilty when you have two dogs that need to be walked, but you just can't handle them both at the same time? Maybe you don't have time to take them both on separate walks. Here's ... Read More »

How to Walk Two Dogs with One Leash?

These chains are inexpensive and come in many sizes and lengthsTwo leashes too many! How to walk two (or more!) dogs with only one leash in hand.