How to Stop the Dog Smell on Dogs?

Answer You love your furry family members and want them to be able to live in harmony with the rest of the family. Sometimes the odors associated with your dogs can become so overwhelming that you are for... Read More »

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Can drug dogs smell pot on clothes?

On One Hand: Sensitive Noses Can Detect Even Hidden DrugsWell-trained drug-sniffing dogs have extremely sensitive and accurate noses. Cases of "sniffer dogs" detecting drug odors that dealers attem... Read More »

Can dogs smell human breast cancer?

On One Hand: Yes, They CanAccording to National Geographic, just about any dog can receive training to detect the presence of breast cancer just by smelling an individual's breath. Dogs have such a... Read More »

Has anyone ever heard of dogs trained to smell blood sugar changes in a diabetic?

It's the cover story on this month's Diabetes Forecast magazine. You can also find lots of information by doing a web search on "diabetic assistance dogs". It's fascinating stuff.

Have you heard of dogs that can smell cancer cells on a human body?

yes they are using them in research now,but have been proven just how good their noses are,so far during the testing of this they picked up breast cancer with 90% accuracey and detected even before... Read More »