Why do dogs shake themselves?

Answer Dog behavior is perplexing, especially to new dog owners. It is often unclear why dogs do the things they do. Dogs shake themselves for a particular purpose. Learning why your dog shakes itself wil... Read More »

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Why do dogs shake toys?

If you have a dog, you've probably seen it grab a toy and shake it till the squeaker squeaks or the stuffing flies. Although dogs are the product of thousands of years of domestication, some of the... Read More »

Why do dogs shake their coats?

Dogs shake their coats for a variety of reasons. From being wet to having dry flaky skin, there is normally a reason your dog will shake its coat.InstinctWhen dogs are wet they do a rough shake to... Read More »

Why do dogs shake their legs when you pet them?

When petting dogs in specific areas, dog owners may notice that their dogs shake a hind leg. As odd and inexplicable as this behavior may seem, there is a rational explanation for it.AnatomyThere a... Read More »

Why do dogs shake their ears?

Dogs shake their ears for numerous reasons. Occasional ear shaking is normal, particularly after dogs scratch their ears or get wet. When dogs get wet, they shake their entire bodies to dry off and... Read More »