Is it safe to shake your belly while pregnant?

Answer ive once wondered about this too, but im 5 1/2 months pregnant and people would come up to me and shake my belly all crazy to wake the baby up so they can fill him kick. but later i would fill my b... Read More »

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How to Scratch a Dog's Belly?

Most dogs love a good belly scratch. The best time to scratch a dog's belly is when both of you are relaxing together, on the couch, in a park or just lying about somewhere comfortable. It's a spec... Read More »

Why do dogs shake themselves?

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When petting dogs in specific areas, dog owners may notice that their dogs shake a hind leg. As odd and inexplicable as this behavior may seem, there is a rational explanation for it.AnatomyThere a... Read More »

Why do dogs shake their coats?

Dogs shake their coats for a variety of reasons. From being wet to having dry flaky skin, there is normally a reason your dog will shake its coat.InstinctWhen dogs are wet they do a rough shake to... Read More »