Why do dogs scratch the floor before lying down?

Answer It may seem strange to a human, but it is quite natural for a dog to scratch at the floor or bed before lying down. Your dog isn't trying to be destructive; rather she is just exhibiting innate can... Read More »

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Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground Before Lying Down?

Scratching at the ground or floor is an instinctual behavior for a dog going back to its roots as a wild animal. As a largely instinctual action, your dog may not even be aware of why it is scrat... Read More »

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Sand the scratched area with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper in gentle motions working with the grain of the wooden floor. Use a clean cotton cloth dampened with mineral spirits to rub onto the sand... Read More »

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Wood flooring is a popular alternative to carpet, especially for people with pets or small children. Wood flooring is easier to clean than carpeting and has a rich, luxurious look. One downside to ... Read More »