Are there vegetarians/vegans with cats or dogs as pets do they know that cat food contains dead animals?

Answer Oh no! I had absolutely no idea! OMG! What am I going to do? I'm mortified!My eyesight isn't that great ... I thought the cans said "beet and gravy", "chickweed, rice and vegies", "5 kinds of wheat... Read More »

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Do american crocodiles eat dead animals or alive animals?…This is an interesting read.US crocodiles only live on the southern tip of Florida..else where those happen to be alligators. Related but different.And ye... Read More »

Should cows be fed dead cow and other animals?

What's still happening is that cows are being fed to other meat animals such as pigs and chickens and then chicken litter is being fed to cows but most anyone who's ever dealt much with chickens kn... Read More »

If trains are so dangerous, why don't you ever see dead animals along the tracks?

Where I live we kill hundreds of deer each year, but a highway kills more per mile than railroads. Little critters always escape because they are between the rails and the train passes over. They d... Read More »

Are fossil fuels made of dead plants&animals?

Fossil fuels including petroleum and natural gas were created by the decomposition of plants and animals under pressure as a result of being buried. This process took millions of years. Another fos... Read More »