Is it ok for dogs to lick their wounds?

Answer On One Hand: It's HealingA dog's saliva has antibacterial properties for germs specific to their species. The licking also cleans the wounds by removing dead tissue or debris. The tissue stimulatio... Read More »

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Why do dogs lick their wounds?

Certain canine behaviors are confusing for pet owners to interpret, such as the licking of their own wounds. Fortunately, this specific canine behavior and most others can easily be explained.Comfo... Read More »

Why Do Dogs Lick Ears?

Even though they cannot speak (except in Disney movies) dogs do have a variety of ways to communicate to both their owners and other dogs besides simply barking. One of these methods is to use thei... Read More »

Why do dogs lick your nose?

Dogs often behave in ways that make humans wonder. Often answers to some common behaviors such as face and nose licking must be searched back into the dog's wild ancestral past.MisconceptionsWhile ... Read More »

Why do dogs lick their paws constantly?

While canine behavior isn't always easy to interpret, most behaviors displayed by dogs can be easily explained. Excessive licking of the paws in canines is caused by one of a few conditions or cir... Read More »