Can dogs hear termites?

Answer Yes, dogs can hear termites. Dogs hear sound at much higher frequency than humans. Dogs trained in pest control can detecting pests in homes and businesses. They can pick up the scent and smell of ... Read More »

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At what pitch can dogs hear where a human cannot?

Humans can hear sounds between a frequency of 20 and 20,000 hertz (Hz), while dogs are capable of hearing a much greater range of noises---encompassing those between 60 and 60,000 Hz, according to ... Read More »

How to Howl Like a Wolf?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a timber wolf mid-howl? How do they find the strength and stamina to create such a piercing and gut-wrenching cry? Find out how in this article!

How to Howl Like a Hyena?

Which animal's laugh is more famous than that of a hyena's? "you're laughing like a hyena." Here's how you actually laugh, or rather, howl, like a hyena.

Will a dog howl to call a mate?

Dogs will sometimes howl to call other members of their pack, including their mates, to them, especially if their group gets separated. In a home, dogs may howl to signal that they want their owner... Read More »