Why do dogs hide their food?

Answer Almost all the behaviors of domesticated dogs are rooted in their genetic heredity. Their defensive behaviors, sleeping methods, eating habits and even playtime can be traced to dogs' early roots.... Read More »

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Why do dogs hide under beds?

Certain canine behaviors may confuse and overwhelm pet owners. Fortunately, most behaviors can be explained. Hiding under beds or furniture, for instance, is common in dogs and may happen due to a ... Read More »

Why do dogs hide bones?

Dogs frequently hide their bones, along with other objects such as toys or their owner's slippers. Even though domesticated dogs are fed throughout the day, they still have the desire to bury bones... Read More »

How to Hide a Pill in Cat Food?

If a veterinarian has prescribed any medication for your cat in pill form, you may find it difficult to get Fluffy to willingly swallow the dosage. Most often, cats are resistant to taking medicati... Read More »

Why do people hide food?

People hide food for various reasons. Sometimes it's to protect a favored food from being eaten by others, or it can be a sign of more serious issues. Hiding food isn't uncommon, but it is importan... Read More »