Why do dogs grind their teeth?

Answer Dogs who grind their teeth can cause concern for their owners. A trip to the vet will help determine the cause of your dog's tooth grinding.PainTooth grinding can mean a dog has dental or oral pain... Read More »

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Can you grind your teeth to nothing?

Yes that can happen. My brother had exactly the same problem. His teeth were all ground down and were also about half the size they should be. He ended up needing root canals and crowns on every on... Read More »

Can sharks grind their teeth?

Some of them can. They are called "Lone Sharks" and they typically use a rotary grinder or a disc grinder. The smart ones use eye protection, you can never be too safe.

Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep and how can I stop?

I am a dental lab technician who will be a dentist in a few years. That said, I am not speaking as a dentist trying to sell my or another persons services. I speak as a person who has this same p... Read More »

Why does 3 year old grind teeth while sleeping?

My 5 year old still grinds her teeth and she has for a few years...just when she's sleeping. Our dentist has assured me several times it's completely normal and some kids even grind their teeth dow... Read More »