Why do dogs froth at the mouth?

Answer There are a number of reasons that a dog will foam or froth at the mouth. It is important to investigate the cause of the frothing to determine the cause. If you suspect poisoning or illness, consu... Read More »

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Fibrosarcoma in Dogs & Mouth Cancer?

Dogs can develop cancer anywhere in the body. Fibrosarcoma is a type of cancer that may develop in the mouth. Dogs with any visible tumors or growths in the mouth or on the gums should be examined... Read More »

Bee sting in dogs mouth and swollen up what can i do?

Call a vet and ask if its OK to give a little anti histamine (sorry about the spelling)

Uses for Soy Milk Froth?

Soy milk is derived from the soybean and is high in calcium and protein. Studies show that replacing regular milk with soy milk decreases the chance of heart disease and some cancers, and lowers ch... Read More »

How to Stop Froth in an HHO Bubbler?

HHO generators can produce oxyhydrogen, a gas used to supplement gasoline in an automotive engine. These generators can make pure gas, which is clear and odorless, or a yellow froth. This froth is ... Read More »