Why do dogs chew feet all the time?

Answer All dogs chew from time to time, and most will choose to chew on any toys made available to them. Sometimes a dog might chew on its feet. Foot chewing can have a medical or behavioral cause.Infecti... Read More »

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Why does my dog chew his feet?

A dog chews his feet for various reasons, including allergies, yeast infections and injuries. This behavior can also occur if the dog isn't properly socialized. The source has to be determined befo... Read More »

Why do dogs chew on shoes?

Dogs chew on shoes for a number of reasons. Obedience training and providing appropriate chew toys for your dog can help save your shoes from destruction.PuppyhoodPuppies chew on shoes because they... Read More »

Why do dogs chew on paws?

If your dog is constantly chewing and worrying away at his paws, you may be wondering why your dog is doing that. Chewing paws is often a sign of a medical condition that may need veterinary interv... Read More »

Why do dogs chew clothes?

Dogs chew inappropriate items such as clothes for a variety of reasons. Dogs are simple creatures, and there is usually a simple explanation for their inappropriate chewing.Puppy BehaviorChewing is... Read More »