What can I use to chase cats out of my garden?

Answer What i found out is when you put orange peel in your soil, they wont go near it because they cannot stand the zesty smell. You could try and get a dog or you can get spiky things that go on the to... Read More »

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Why do cats chase laser pointers?

Cats chase laser points because it plays on their instincts to stalk and catch prey. It's also fun for them, in much the same way humans enjoy sports.It's IrresistableAccording to veterinarian Raym... Read More »

Why Do Dogs Bark and Chase People?

Perhaps you have a dog that barks at the mailman or seems to want to chase cars every time you take him for a walk. Or perhaps you're a cyclist who's been the recipient of a game of "chase." While ... Read More »

How to Get Dogs and Cats to Get Along?

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Can dogs and cats have babies together?

No, they are completely different species and cannot interbreed.