Why do doctors wear scrubs?

Answer For many years, members of the medical profession, mostly those other than doctors, have worn scrubs, usually in green or blue. The uniform is named after the process that surgeons and medical prof... Read More »

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Why do the surgeons on 'Scrubs' wear green scrubs and the doctors blue?

Generally, Why do the doctors in operation room wear blue scrubs Why not any color?

because blood washes out of blue better than any other color, because blood is actually purple, which is a kind of blue.

Why do nurses wear scrubs?

Nurses wear scrubs for two main reasons: most importantly, to maintain the hypo-allergenic atmosphere in the hospital, and also to help differentiate them from the patients or any other hospital gu... Read More »

Why do people wear scrubs?

Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists and dental hygienists wear scrubs for a number of reasons. Scrubs are an important part of a doctor's uniform.IdentificationAn individual wearin... Read More »