Why do doctors seldom get sick?

Answer Your theory of repeated exposure may have some merit. Most of us get the flu shot annually. I got the adult pneumococcal vaccine for my 60th birthday. (Woulda rather had a cake!) Also, we learn to ... Read More »

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Why don't doctors get sick?

Doctors get sick just like any of us do. If they're good Doctors, they take proper steps to protect themselves and other patients. The most important one is frequent hand washing...they should do t... Read More »

I need a doctors note for work.. but im not sick what do i do?

Grow up and realize you're an adult now and adults are responsible and work for a living.

If no one got sick how would doctors & pharmacist make their money?

A sudden outbreak of wellness would ruin them financially.There are in fact about 60,000 chemicals being used in the world today. Only a small fraction have been tested for carcinogenic properties.... Read More »

Worried sick about my high blood pressure. Doctors wont put me on medication...?

You don't say how old your family members where who died of a heart attack and whether or not they were first degree relatives? If male members died after the age of 55 or (65 for a women) this is ... Read More »