Why do doctors keep telling people that natural medicine doesn't work?

Answer because they are generally aiming to resolve your symptoms and not to heal you from the source of the ill health.i've yet to meet one person who is actually deficient in otc and prescription meds.p... Read More »

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My computer keeps telling me to set my display to 720 x 480 but this doesnt seem to be an option...?

It is asking you to set the Display Resolution. Looks like that is the resolution of your laptop display.Do you see any video with your current setup?

Do doctors that work at hospitals actually act like the people on Grey's Anatomy?

I'm sure there is a lot of "hankie pankie" going on. Let's hope things are a little more professional in an actual hospital setting where there are sick people who need the doctor's and nurses car... Read More »

Types of Doctors in Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is designed to treat sports-related injuries and conditions that prevent an athlete from participating in an athletic event. The primary focus of a sports medicine doctor is to make... Read More »

The Average Salary of Internal Medicine Doctors?

"The term 'Internal Medicine' comes from the German term 'Innere Medizin,' a discipline popularized in Germany in the late 1800s to describe physicians who combined the science of the laboratory wi... Read More »