Why do doctors and surgeons get paid way less than actors and sports players?

Answer It's all about the profit margain. Hospitals can only charge as much as they can get the public to pay for operations.Entertainment has a higher profit margain since there are bigger audiences, thu... Read More »

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How much do plastic surgeons get paid a month?

Plastic surgeons earned, on average, between $327,000 and $445, 575 a year in 2008 and 2009, or between $27,250 and $37,131 a month, according to an article by Andis Robeznieks in "Modern Healthcar... Read More »

Why do the surgeons on 'Scrubs' wear green scrubs and the doctors blue?

How much do voice-over actors get paid?

Voice actors do work for movies, cartoons and commercials. The average annual salary for a voice actor is just under $50,000. However, highly recognizable voices like Don LaFontaine, who voices all... Read More »

How much are csi Miami actors paid?

Do you mean the first series of Miami Vice? Sonny lived on a houseboat and originally had an old 50's car but drove a Ferrari later. I think Simon and Simon also lived in a houseboat this time loca... Read More »