Why do different sugars taste sweeter than others?

Answer To understand differences in sweetness among various sugars, it's important to know that there are several different kinds of sugars. The primary sugars used for sweetening--sucrose, glucose, and f... Read More »

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How was the state of the union address on January 25 2011 different than others?

Before he concluded his annual address to a joint session of Congress and the nation on January 25, 2011, the President said "it's because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes... Read More »

Why can humans taste sugars?

Sugars, sweets and other treats are favorite foods of many humans because they taste good. People are able to taste the sweetness of sugars due to taste buds on the top of the tongue.Identification... Read More »

Recommendations for wines sweeter than mascato?

You could try what is called Eiswein. They make this wine in Germany. To make Eiswein, the grapes are left on the vine until they turn into raisins. This causes the sugars to intensify and makes... Read More »

What is sweeter than a sweet peas blossom dancing in a summers breeze ?

New wine :) Daffodils dancing in the sunshine after a morning rain...The cooing of a dove in the branches of a tree giving forth bright green leaves...The opening of the purity of a tender delicate... Read More »