Why do different guitar strings make different sounds?

Answer Different guitar strings do sound different, depending on what they are made of and how they are put together. The variations in windings, gauges and materials used will create different sounds.Nyl... Read More »

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Guitar question pickups produce different sounds?

Not sure how much detail you are looking for. Obviously the most popular pups are humbuckers, standard single coils and P90s. Humbuckers have two single coils side by side and wound in opposing dir... Read More »

How do flutes make different sounds?

The flute can produce a wide range of sounds through the manipulation of holes that affect the air passing through it. The player's tongue can articulate the tones to provide even greater variety.A... Read More »

What makes the left and right pc mouse buttons make different sounds?

Its just because in general, you click the left mouse button more than the right. Meaning it wears down the clicking mechanism slightly more than the right, making 2 different clicking noises.ORIt... Read More »

Do the sirens that ambulances, police cars, fire engines use make different sounds. If so, how can you tell?

WOW Craig! You got a ton on answers on this one!If I buy a model XYZ (example model number, not an actual one) Federal Signal Tone Generator and a 200 Watt speaker at attach it to an ambulance wil... Read More »