Why do diabetics have to check their feet?

Answer Diabetics need to pay special attention to their feet. While blood sugar levels may seem to have no relation to feet, the two actually go hand in hand. Checking your feet regularly and talking to y... Read More »

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What are the little machines diabetics have on their hips used for?

It is an Insulin pump.It pumps insulin into the body instead of having to take a shot.You have to change sites every 3- 4 days.

Could any type 1 diabetics that have had babies while diabetic share their experience with me?

your using an insulin pump so that helps things alot , as long as ur control is good there shouldnt be too many problems , i am type 1 for 20 yrs and have had 2 children , but i was not lucky enoug... Read More »

What do you put on babies that have a rash on their feet and have Spina Bifida?

Why is it important to check the thyroid in diabetics?

Diabetes and thyroid problems are disorders of the endocrine system, reports Diabetes and Related Health The thyroid gland produced hormones that affect how the body uses nutrients. It ... Read More »