Why do countries such as Luxembourg , Switzerland and even Germany seem so dull and concrete?

Answer I'm half Austrian half English and spent years of my life in Swiss Boarding Schools and later studied and worked there for some years. What you regard as dullness and concrete is the Germanic way o... Read More »

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Where to go in switzerland, and how to get to germany?

As you (unfortunately) only have two days for Switzerland and at the same time want to get the Swiss feeling, I suggest to take the "Golden Pass". It's one of three famous Swiss scenic train rides ... Read More »

Is Switzerland alot like Germany?

Yes and no. You could as well have asked if the US and Canada were similar. Just come and see and judge yourself. What you'll hear in the forum will be not much more than personal opinions - would ... Read More »

Are there indians in switzerland or germany?

yes there are lots of Indians in both places>As a matter of fact there are Indians everywhere on earth>Indians love to migrate!

Doctor in Switzerland or Germany?

First of all, you need to be fluent in the language. (See CEFR for more details.)In Germany and the German areas of Switzerland, the needed language is German (of course), but if you happen to spea... Read More »