Why do compost heaps have to be turned regularly?

Answer Composting involves the reduction of organic material to a more concentrated form of matter. It is esentially a (very) slow cooking process. The heat required to do the "cooking', requires oxygen, ... Read More »

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Is it normal to have nightmares regularly?

If you have the same nightmare repeatedly, that is called a recurring nightmare. I have always looked at dreaming as the mind's way of going a little nuts and not doing any real harm to ourselves ... Read More »

Why does google chrome have high CPU usage and keeps on crashing regularly?

I have had this problem with Chrome recently as well, an extremely high CPU usage. I switched to SRware Iron, an alternate version of chrome which has the same interface, speed and extensions.http:... Read More »

How to Breed Heaps of Mealworms?

The darkling beetle undergoes four life stages. After the beetles lay eggs, the eggs hatch into larvae. The larvae are mealworms. Then they turn into pupa, then into beetles. Birds, reptiles, sugar... Read More »

What causes the build up on teeth that have been cleaned and flossed regularly?

There most definitely is a way to prevent the calcium like build up on your teeth particularly the lower inside front teeth. It is as simple as changing your tooth paste to one you will find at a h... Read More »