Why do companies offer health insurance benefits?

Answer It's tax deductible, guaranteed issue and it attracts a better class of worker.

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Does being a vet offer benefits like health insurance?

Veterans may be eligible for a number of benefits, including health-care coverage, following military service. The Veterans Administration (VA) offers a comprehensive health insurance package to e... Read More »

Are health insurance companies legally obligated to offer coverage for significant others?

Health Coverage No they are not. Parents and children must go always go through the appropriate paperwork and procedures for relatives to be added on a health insurance plan, whether publicly funde... Read More »

In NY if you have health insurance and have colon cancer but want to switch insurance companies for better coverage does the other insurance company have to take you?

Answer I sure would check before I made the switch. You could be getting into that pesky, ''pre exsisting condition'' thing.......Ask the new carrier first before you switch, (I'd get it in writing... Read More »

What insurance companies offer disability insurance with maternity pay?

By law, the recovery time for delivery of a baby is viewed as a disability. Therefore any company that provides disability benefits/payments has to consider this type of claim. However, you must pa... Read More »