Why do companies change their name?

Answer A company's name is its identity, brand image and the way customers find it. Changing a name is a risky and expensive process for most companies, but there are a few good reasons to consider doing ... Read More »

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Are collection companies allowed to have their name on a caller ID?

Yes, according to the Federal Communications Commission, telemarketers must display, if possible, the name of their company, and a phone number that you can call during business hours to be removed... Read More »

If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate can the mother change the minors children's last name to their step fathers name without the biological fathers approval in North Carolina?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

Why did the jumparounds change their name?

Why did sci-fi channel change their name to sy-fy?

They can copyright SyFy.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SYFY is a polish word which means everything from sludge, gross objec... Read More »