Why do companies change their name?

Answer A company's name is its identity, brand image and the way customers find it. Changing a name is a risky and expensive process for most companies, but there are a few good reasons to consider doing ... Read More »

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Can I change phone companies& keep my number?

According to the Federal Communications Commission's local portability rules, you may keep your current telephone number when switching to a different provider as long as you remain in the same geo... Read More »

If you are pregnant can you change insurance companies and still be covered?

Answer If it's an Individual Plan, I doubt that you will find any company to take you. Here's underwriting disclosure for CA Read More »

You want to change insurance companies can you overlap to maintain cover?

This depends on the policy. The best thing to do is to call the life insurance agent to ask about the specific policy in question.

If you change insurance companies will the new company find out about an accident in another state?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%AnswerAll of your driving history is attached to your driver's license number which is in a global insurance reporting source called "C.L.U.E." Wherever you go, it will follow. A... Read More »