Can refrigerators be transported on their backs?

Answer It is not recommended, but a refrigerator can be transported on its back with caution. It is best to locate the refrigerant lines that run to the freezer and keep it as upright as possible. Once mo... Read More »

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Why do cats roll over on their backs?

Rolling onto its back works as one of the major types of body language a cat can use to express herself. This act can be used to express a desire to play, a sense of trust and a need to scratch. Wi... Read More »

Why do bugs end up on their backs when they die?

Simple physics can answer that: The heaviest part of the body will end up closest to the ground. Once the insect has expired and retains no use of its appendages, they act as an obstruction between... Read More »

How long do turtles live on their backs?

Most turtles have the ability to turn themselves over if they land on their backs, but they move more slowly than humans, which can make their owners think that the turtle is unable to turn over. T... Read More »

Why do so many girls get tattoos on their lower backs?

They're not called 'Tramp Stamps' for nothing. Yes to both questions, to get you're attention while they're bending over and to be like everyone else. 'Lets get a tattoo, everyone's doing it'.