Why do cigarettes make it easyer for me drink?

Answer because the nicotean in the ciggeretes dulls your stomach and throat makeing it apper that you have a higher alcohol tolerence

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How can i fall to sleep easyer?

1) get away from the tv, the computer and the video games....2) get a good amount of sunshine that day. 3) eat healthier foods....4)before you go to sleep read a book in bed for a while, or just re... Read More »

If it could be proven that cigarettes cause cancer, Would cigarettes be banned?

It has definately been proven that cigarettes cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, mouth cancers gangrene and other nasties such as emphysema.I am a cynic though and I think that because the ... Read More »

Are E cigarettes really that much Safer then Regular Cigarettes and if so why?

Everything in this world has some good and some bad factors, but if you want to live healthy then better to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are good options but making it habit is not good. Pros:Smells ... Read More »

Has anyone tried the brand of cigarettes called Smokin Joes Cigarettes?

Nobody asked you hypocrite non-smokers for your opinions about smoking. Everybody has some vice whether it be eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol, staying up all night partying, having unprotected... Read More »