Why do church towers ring bells?

Answer Bell ringing is an important part of many religious ceremonies and customs. In Christian tradition, bells symbolize the presence of Jesus Christ, according to "Adoremus Bulletin" online edition.Bac... Read More »

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How to Maintain Church Bells?

Church bellsChurch bells ring out to the faithful and bring joy to the hearts of all who hear them. They are also expensive and it is important to ensure that they are properly maintained in order ... Read More »

What do bells symbolize in the Catholic Church?

Bells are symbolic of many aspects of worship in the Catholic Church, including the making of a "joyful noise" to the Lord referenced in many Psalms. Using bells for worship and praise in church is... Read More »

How to Ring Hand Bells?

Hand bells are commonly used in small ensembles and larger orchestras and must be played in sync with the other instruments. Ringing a hand bell may seem like common sense, but there is a specific ... Read More »

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