Why do chiropractors make you smile before they adjust your neck?

Answer Because it just might be the last time you will be able to smile, if he causes a "chiropractic stroke" ...… Smile about that!

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How much do chiropractors make per year?

According to, as of April 2010, the average annual salary for a chiropractor with one to four years' experience is $39,269 to $62,278. For those with five to nine years of experience, ... Read More »

Who sang Smile Smile Smile on Castle?

Apparently Criminal Minds Season 5 will start in September I heard that it will start on September 22, I am SO excited!

What size Allen key is needed to adjust a guitar neck?

In general, Martin's and many other acoustic guitars that have truss rod nuts located below the f/b extension need a 5mm Allen head wrench, while many electric guitars require a 1/8" Allen head wre... Read More »

Could it possibly be meningitis if an 8 year old girl has a sore neck but can make her neck touch her chest though says it's sore to do so and does have energy unlike question about 6 yr old?

Answer It would be impossible for anyone to make an accurate diagnosis through the Internet, so you should take your child to the doctor. Even if it turns out to be something as simple as sleeping ... Read More »