Why do chiropractors make you smile before they adjust your neck?

Answer Because it just might be the last time you will be able to smile, if he causes a "chiropractic stroke" ...… Smile about that!

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How many claims can you make on car insurance before they cancel your policy?

There is not set number of claims you can make on an auto insurance policy before they drop you, according to the website CarInsurance. It is best to try to limit the amount of claims you make by p... Read More »

Can they take your condo that is paid off with no loan for not paying 7 months of your h.o.a payments in California if not how long before they can take the property?

Yes, probably.Your HOA assessments are used to pay basic bills for the community, such as master insurance policy premiums, basic utilities, staff payroll, and more, plus to save regularly to pay f... Read More »

If I just moved into an apartment an they have bed bugs an admitted to you that they were there before you moved in will your renters insurance cover your furniture?

Insurance policies generally exclude animal and insect infestation. If there were a policy that covered that, it would be for the damage that the animals or insects cause. In your situation, it doe... Read More »

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What browser? What platform? What site are you accessing? What is the problem? Do you want to enable cookies to browse the site or not? Details are important.If you would like to enable cookies the... Read More »