Why do children under the age of one act the way they do?

Answer What do you mean act the way they do? They are infants, they are exploring trying to teach themselves new things to help them so as they get older they are able to develop at a normal rate.

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Under Texas boating laws what is required of children under 13 years of age while underway on a vessel less than 26 feet long?

What jobs did women do in the factories and what did they do about their children while they worked and how much did they get paid?

What do they mean when they say there is blood under the fetus?

Answer This can mean several things. For specific answers you will need to see your doctor who can give you more information and accurate information regarding your situation.

Would children abuse their own children if they were abused?

Not all victims of abuse become abusers. Not all abusers were victims first. But dysfunctional behavior does tend to pass from parents to children, so being a victim does increase the chances that ... Read More »