Why do children have to go to school?

Answer Children have to go to school to get an education and to complement the things they are being taught at home by their parents. Also the parents need a break from their children.Children have to go ... Read More »

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Do children have to wear shoes in a school cafeteria?

Children are required to wear shoes in a school cafeteria for safety and health reasons. There are always the risks of stepping on something sharp or something that has fallen and makes slipping po... Read More »

Pros & Cons on Why Children Should Have Backpacks in School?

Backpacks are becoming a necessity for students even as young as first and second grade. While they provide students with a way to transport and organize belongings, some parents and experts feel ... Read More »

In may on work experience i have to make up an activity for the children @ the pre-school?

You didn't mention in what capacity you work with the children. Are you a preschool teacher? Are you an assistant? Also you didn't mention what skills you wish to develop with the children Anyway... Read More »

What Effects Does School Violence Have on Children?

Violence in schools can have a long-lasting effect on the lives of children. After a violent incident, children can experience any number of emotions and may end up dealing with these complex emoti... Read More »