Why do chicken twisties have hard bits in them?

Answer I had to look that up cause I don't eat that stuff. Wikipedia says they're made with milled corn, rice, wheat and water. Maybe it's the corn, or the rice. Corn is usually grainy hard, rice is very ... Read More »

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If your kid has the chicken pox should you bath them while they have spots?…Usefull link might be of help

Why do i get hard bits of scabby dandruff on my scalp sometimes?

For me, its usually weather changes or stress or excess sweat , or its time to swap shampoos.To clear it up, I use Neutrogena T-Gel. Read the precautions first.Good Luck.

Women! Why do you spend ages picking the white, stringy bits of tangerines before eating them?

because if you swallow a load of that stringy stuff it get tangled together to make a rope and then the little people who eat all your food to keep you thin will be able to escape! Gooood do men kn... Read More »

Why do external hard-drives come labeled as 1.5TB, only to have 1.36TB of space on them?

I don't know why they do it, but they incorrectly advertise 1GB as 1,000MB.So their 1.5TB is 1,500,000 MB, while an ACTUAL 1.5TB is 1,572,864.