Why do cell phones help teach kids responsibility?

Answer Because it can help them show how to use there min. and texts limit and it shows that you are allowing them to have things but it can be taken away! + you can say if they do something wrong like no... Read More »

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Do cell phones teach teens responsibility?

On One Hand: Communication and ResponsibiltyTeens can learn some responsibility from using a cell phone. Some parents opt for their children to cover their own cell bills, teaching them the importa... Read More »

How to Teach Kids to Take Responsibility in School?

Teaching kids to take responsibility is an important life skill. It builds their independence and confidence and ensures that they use their own initiative to control and manage their lives. Kids n... Read More »

Should kids have their own cell phones?

On One Hand: Cell Phones For Kids Offer Certain AdvantagesCell phones can provide extra convenience when your child needs a ride, is going to be late or if you just want to check up on her. They ca... Read More »

What age should kids get cell phones?