Why do cats urinate on furniture?

Answer Cats can be very picky about their bathroom arrangements. If the litter box, filler and location aren't just right, the cat may decide to create its own bathroom somewhere else. Often, that new loc... Read More »

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How do cats urinate?

Cat urine is pungent and poses many problems for pet owners. A well-trained, healthy cat often learns to urinate in a litter box.Time FrameFrom about three to four weeks of age, cats are able to ur... Read More »

Why do cats urinate on your clothes&bed?

Cats are normally quite fastidious, so when they urinate on clothing or bedding, it is cause for some concern. An owner must examine several factors to discern and address the presenting problem.Il... Read More »

Why do cats spray on furniture?

Spraying can be a real problem with some cats. The incidence of spraying increases if your cat isn't spayed or neutered, and a few who are spayed or neutered will spray anyway. In many cases, the c... Read More »

How to Protect Furniture from Cats?

Cats scratch to stretch muscles and remove old claw sheaths, and to a cat, furniture may seem like a natural place to scratch. While some cat owners may choose to have their cat declawed, others pr... Read More »