Why do cats rub their faces on everything?

Answer Anyone who has cats has seen their pet rubbing its face against the furniture, their legs, and even against other cats. This gesture is more than one of affection. Face-rubbing is one way cats mark... Read More »

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Why do cats roll over on their backs?

Rolling onto its back works as one of the major types of body language a cat can use to express herself. This act can be used to express a desire to play, a sense of trust and a need to scratch. Wi... Read More »

If you hit someone and their medical bills go over your policy limit does your insurance company have to pay everything?

Why do dogs and cats clean their butts with their tongue?

I thought dogs only lick their genitals, not their butts. I'm not sure about cats.

Why do friars shave their heads?

When friars shave their head, they are practicing tonsure, the physical demonstration of their commitment to the service of God. This centuries-old practice is rarely seen among Catholic clergy tod... Read More »