Why do cats quit using their litter box?

Answer A cat may refuse to use its litter box if something about the litter or the box's environment bothers it. A medical problem might also cause this behavior.Picking the Right SpotCats prefer a readil... Read More »

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Why did the cat quit using the litter box?

If your cat has suddenly stopped using the litter box, you may need to call on your inner detective to figure out why. While the reason is always obvious to the cat, it can be difficult for a human... Read More »

Why do cats pee outside of the litter box?

Cat pee outside the litter box is an important issue to address. Do not simply clean up and forget about the mess, and do not punish your cat. The issue can be as simple as cleaning the box more of... Read More »

Why cats use litter boxes?

Litter boxes provide cats with a place to urinate or defecate while living indoors. Most indoor cats are taught to use a litter box to prevent messes and smells around their owner's house.InstinctI... Read More »

Why do cats roll around in a litter box?

Cat lovers around the world will confirm that litter-rolling is indeed habitual for some cats. The reason why is the perplexing part.A Great ScratchOutdoor cats love to roll in the dirt on top of d... Read More »