Why do dogs and cats clean their butts with their tongue?

Answer I thought dogs only lick their genitals, not their butts. I'm not sure about cats.

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Do all land plants get their water from their roots?

All land plants take part in a process called osmosis, in which the roots of the plant suck water from the soil and push the water up through the stem, to the foliage.References:Mad Sci Network: Bo... Read More »

How to Do a Flip on a Trampoline and Land on Your Feet?

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How many square feet of land is in california?

The land area of the state of California is 4.347 trillion square feet. This measurement equates to roughly 155,959.34 square miles or 40,3931 square km. As of 2009, California was home to more tha... Read More »

How to Do a Flip and Land Feet First on a Trampoline?

Here is how to do a proper front flip on a trampoline. Be careful this can be dangerous.