Why do cats knead pillows?

Answer Cats have many unusual behaviors. Kneading is one. Kneading looks like the cat is alternately squeezing his paws and then letting go. This motion has deep connections both physiologically and emoti... Read More »

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Why do cats knead blankets?

Kneading is a feline instinct that persists throughout a cat's adult life. Cats will knead anything soft, including blankets, pillows and their humans. It is a sign that they are safe, happy, con... Read More »

Do feather pillows have more dust mites than foam pillows?

According to the Sierra Club, feather pillows do contain more dust mites than foam ones. In fact, feather pillows, also known as down pillows, harbor more dust mites than any other pillow type. Not... Read More »

How to Knead Dough?

Kneading dough is essential to making bread. Kneading stretches the dough and develops the gluten, the springy stuff that gives bread its texture. It also helps to uniformly distribute the gases th... Read More »

How to Knead Clay?

Before using clay for a project, you need to prepare it by kneading it, also known as wedging. Kneading clay properly will make it easier to work with and will eliminate air bubbles. Upper body str... Read More »