Why do cats groom humans?

Answer Humans frequently wonder why their cats "groom" them. It's actually a sign of affection, not fear for your hygiene.BirthBefore a cat can even see, the first thing it feels is its mother licking and... Read More »

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Why do cats groom?

Cats are finicky about cleanliness. Their rough barbed tongues allow them to clean themselves thoroughly, and most cats can reach almost every part of their bodies. Adult cats can spend up to hal... Read More »

Can cats contract hiv from humans?

On One Hand: Virus TransferenceIt is highly unlikely that a feline would be able to contract the HIV virus from a human. The HIV virus is transferred through human to human contact. Since the virus... Read More »

Can cats get lice from humans?

On One Hand: Human Lice Need Human BloodAccording to the Merck Veterinary Manual, "Lice are largely host-specific, living on one species or several closely related species." The types of lice that ... Read More »

Do cats actually "spray" in the corners of the house They are all fixed. But my mom insists that my cats?

Male cats spray even when they are fixed. With that many cats they may feel the need to mark their territory. I had 3 cats and my oldest was a male, wasn't bothered when I brought home a female. 2 ... Read More »