Why do cats eyes shine in the dark?

Answer Eye shine in cats is provided by the tapetum lucidum. In Latin, these two words mean "bright carpet" due to their often shiny, colorful appearance. The tapetum assists the cat's vision in many ways... Read More »

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If a guy has dark hair and dark brown eyes and the girl has red hair and brown eyes what would their baby look like?

Well, no one can really say because not only does the baby take after its mothers and fathers traits but it also matters on what the grandparents, aunts, and uncles looked like. If it were up to me... Read More »

Do you think dark brown eyes and dark blonde hair is pretty?

Yes, It Does, I'm A Sucker For Brown Eyed Gilrs, So I Be You Look Really Really Pretty.

Im trying to get colored contacts and my eyes are dark brown and i want them to be dark blue?

YO YO YO Girlfriend if you want to be stylin like 4 reels you needs to be checkin on this. bought a pair of these one year for halloween and I was hooked I now hav... Read More »

How to Make a Tomato Shine in Dark?

You can make a tomato shine in the dark, this will probably serve for nothing, but is funny.