Why do cats chase laser pointers?

Answer Cats chase laser points because it plays on their instincts to stalk and catch prey. It's also fun for them, in much the same way humans enjoy sports.It's IrresistableAccording to veterinarian Raym... Read More »

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Are red laser pointers bad for cats?

On One Hand: Laser Pointers Provide Needed ExerciseCats need at least 20 minutes of exercise each day to maintain a healthy weight and to keep aggression levels down. If cats are easily distracted ... Read More »

Are laser pointers dangerous for cats?

On One Hand: Psychological IssuesSome people believe that laser pointers are cruel because the cat will chase the red light endlessly but can never catch it. Cats are predators by nature, and seek ... Read More »

Are laser pointers illegal?

Laser pointers are not illegal in most cases, as they can be easily purchased at many stores. However, it is illegal to shine a laser pointer at a police officer, and many concert and sporting venu... Read More »

What is the point in laser pointers?