Why do car insurance companies need your SSN?

Answer When applying for car insurance, most companies will request your Social Security number in order to run a credit check. They will then use that information to better determine a rate based on your... Read More »

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Which insurance companies in California provide General Liability insurance for pest control companies?

Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesContact: Mike

Can a child of divorced parents be covered under both parents' insurance plans and if so does this need to be disclosed to the insurance companies?

Answer YesYou only need to disclose it if they ask you. Which I'm sure they will on a claim form. You can't collect twice. Just up to the amount of the total bill. There are "supplemental" plan... Read More »

What is the number of points you are allowed to have before insurance companies deny your claim for auto insurance?

%DETAILS% Answer The number of points have nothing to do with an insurance claim.If you are asking about a company refusing to give you auto insurance, it depends on your state and the individual i... Read More »

Why do life insurance companies need to have proof of age of the deceased?

In addition to the death certificate, some life companies require a proof of age so they may cross check with the stated age at the time the life contract was purchased.Sorry to say, but many insur... Read More »