Why do cancer patients lose their hair?

Answer One of the most unfortunate side effects of getting a form of cancer is losing hair. This occurs because of a common cancer treatment: chemotherapy.Loss of HairThe purpose of chemotherapy treatment... Read More »

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Do all cancer patients lose their hair during chemo?

No they don't and even when they do thier hair grows back so she should look fine in a few years.

Do cancer patients lose there pubic hair when they go through kemo?

Not all chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss; some just cause hair thinning, and some don't cause hair loss at all.Chemo that causes hair loss can cause hair loss anywhere on the body. Some people ... Read More »

Why do cancer patients have no hair?

Where and how can I donate my hair for cancer patients?

Talk to your local beauty shops. They will be able to help you with this. That is if you don't have a Locks for Love in your area. We don't have one in our area but one of the local beauty shops di... Read More »