Why do cameras work with infrared?

Answer Infrared imaging is used for a number of purposes, including scientific research and legal or forensics work. Cameras that use infrared imaging are able to take pictures that pick up only heat-base... Read More »

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Can polar bears be detected by infrared cameras?

Polar bears are nearly impossible to see when viewed with an infrared camera. This is due to the bear's highly insulated body that lets out a minimal amount of heat, allowing the bear to live in ex... Read More »

How well do infrared heaters work?

On One Hand: Reduce the cost with infrared heatingInfrared heaters propel long waves of radiation, hitting a hard target close by to transform the radiation into heat. With an infrared wave heater ... Read More »

How Does an Infrared Oven Work?

A cooking oven is designed to heat materials--food, industrial materials, clay--using a regulated flow of heat energy. Heat energy can be produced in different ways, with some being more or less ef... Read More »

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Infrared heaters have grown in popularity in the 21st century as the focus on efficiency intensifies. While there are many different types of infrared heaters, most rely on similar technology.Infra... Read More »