Why do cake shows like cake boss claim they make cakes when they use 50% fondant?

Answer If you think Cake Boss uses a lot of fondant, try watching Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman on the Food Network sometime. I don't really know why they use so much fondant, but my opinion is well, jus... Read More »

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What year was buddy from cake cake boss born?

How much did Cake Boss's air force cake weigh?

Buddy's air force cake weighed about 139 lbs. Try eating that in one sitting!

What is the most expensive cake the cake boss made?

The most expensive cake that Buddy and the crew made was a cake for a socialite and she "needed" to have the most expensive cake ever made so she took all of her jewelry and put it on a cake. The c... Read More »

Helppppp!! can i put fondant on a cake as soon as i make it if not, why not?

No, you can't put the fondant on as soon as the cake is made. If you put in on the cake as soon as it's made, the heat from the cooked cake will make it melt, resulting in a soggy cake and a big me... Read More »